Critical Tune was founded in 2020 with the aim of creating virtual instruments in Kontakt format and offer an extensive range of audio libraries and sample packs. Our products are differentiated into: In-field and Digital-field. In-field sounds are acquired in the field through the use of microphones and portable recorders. Digital-field sounds are generated and manipulated through digital synthesis techniques. Both categories are subjected to various treatments of manipulation using the best techniques of sound design.

The main objective of Critical Tune is to make sounds for the music producers of tomorrow. The recreational audio market today offers thousands of professional tools, a real wealth made available to all. We at Critical Tune believe in the value of every man and the power of art, and for this reason each of our products is available in its free version with limited license.

What we care about is not only to create sounds not yet imagined but above all to explore the musical culture shaping the needs of producers and composers waiting to find the product of their dreams on the market. The work of Critical Tune is made possible not only by the hard work of each contributor but especially by the support of those who believe in the value of our products.


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