organ with lofi style

the Concept

Critical Tune has designed Moscow, a synth organ keyboard inspired by the famous organs that have made music history. Its pure and warm sounds have been sampled with the highest quality and processed to obtain excellent sounds.

Moscow will involve your settings adding new features for cinematic scores that every composer dream of. Each layer covers up to 7 octaves, making the instrument a complete keyboard. Moscow is also suitable for modern styles and strictly related to genres like Jazz, Gospel, Progressive, Rock. The sound of the organ and its expressive envelope make Moscow the best candidate for your production with its unique Lofi taste. You can not live without it.

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Let’s discover together all the sounds of this library. Take some time for yourself, and enjoy this unique experience.
About Moscow



«Moscow is the best candidate when you need an organ keyboard in your library»

Nils Lewin (Sound designer)


«I have never heard these sounds on any keyboard before»

Carlo Peluso (Composer)



Select and mix


Moscow is offering different sounds useful for a multi-purpose keyboard. Improve the taste of your organ and enjoy fine instruments ideal for jazz piano, organ, bass, pad, and many more. Choose four different layers, organized by spectral content type.
Keep it all in hand


A simple interface that allows you to complete your keyboard in seconds. Seven ready-to-use effects and four faders that enable you to adjust levels or modulate them with internal/external LFO. Connect with your DAW and hack all the possibilities.

A big family of tones


Browse the library with one click and explore the best combination. Moscow gets 14 waveform sampled on 7 octaves. Samples were enhanced and exported to the highest quality offering warm sounds with analog taste. Use up to 20 slots to save your best presets.
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In conversation with

Carlo Peluso

Moscow offers endless possibilities to producers. Thanks to the  talent of our guest, we will taste fantastic sounds.

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Cinematic trailer

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Discover latest official product trailer from Critical Tune. All sounds are made using Moscow, our latest organ with LoFi style.

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Key features

Library Format

This library is available on Full Retail version of Kontakt 6.4.1+ which is required to play the virtual instrument.



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